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Tax Collection

Township Tax Collector

Rebecca Zern
76 Merkel Road
Gilbertsville PA 19525
(610) 367-5257

Office Hours:
7/11-8/30 Tues 6PM-8PM Weds 10AM-Noon
Aug 31 6PM-8PM
9/16 & 9/30 10AM-Noon
10/17 & 10/31 6 PM-8 PM
12/16 & 12/30 10 AM-Noon

Collects the following:

  • County, Township & School District Real Estate Taxes
  • Township & School District Per Capita Taxes
  • Township Street Light Assessment

Berks EIT Bureau
1125 Berkshire Blvd Suite 115
Wyomissing PA 19610
Phone: (610) 372-8439
Toll free: 1 (855) 372-8439

Collects the following:

  • Earned Income Tax
  • Local Services Tax

Real Estate Tax Bill


You may notice a change in the way that your real estate tax bills look beginning in 2023. This is due to new tax software that is being used by the municipality. 

Douglass Township Millage did not increase from 2022 and will remain at 2.6 mills. 

Fire Protection Tax did not increase from 2022 and will remain at .4 mills. 

Emergency Medical Services millage was added in 2023 at .5 mills. This tax does not replace the annual ambulance subscription for membership. 

Street light assessments have increased for both improved and unimproved lots and are now included on your tax bill. You will no longer receive a second envelope for streetlight assessments. 

Montgomery County tax millage increased from 3.93 mills to 4.237 mills.

The Montgomery County Community College tax rate did not change in 2023 and remains at .39 mills. 

Sample Real Estate Tax Bill

Local Earned Income Tax

Under the Local Enabling Tax Act, all residents of Douglass Township are assessed a tax of 1% on their earned income. 1/2 of the 1% (0.5%) supports the Boyertown Area School District, and 1/2 of the 1% (0.5%) is general revenue for Douglass Township. 

Berks Earned Income Tax Bureau collects the Earned Income Taxes for Douglass Township. 

For additional information and to file your local taxes, click here.

New Residents of Douglass Township 

Please inform your employer of your new address and the PSD code (Political Subdivision code) for Douglass Township Montgomery County, which is 060208.

Doing so ensures your local taxes will be put to use in your new resident township.