Fee Schedule

They may seem unnecessary to some people, but building permits are required in Douglass Township in a variety of situations to protect residents from unsafe or poor workmanship and to ensure adherence to the State Building Code and other township regulations.

Building permits are required for new home construction, re-roofing, additions to living space, garages, decks, shed, pools, fences, signs and new or extended driveways and all repaving projects. Permits are not required for routine maintenance projects such as painting and replacement of windows, doors or siding.

Building rules and regulations, such as permitted use, building setback and building coverage may differ depending on the type of project and the zoning district in which the project is proposed. We recommend you call the township before you begin any project in order to ensure compliance and to avoid any potential problems with neighbors.

For more information, contact the zoning department at 610-367-6062, ext. 115