Curbside Leaf Collection


 Annual Leaf Collection will begin Monday October 26, 2020 and end Friday December 4th, 2020  Weather Permitting.


To better service the public, Douglass Township has been divided into five zones. This weekly schedule will be as follows:

*NOTE* - Leaves should be raked curbside the night before scheduled pick-up day. No grass clippings will be collected. Leaves only!

Zone 1 - Monday:

Ammon Ave., Ash St. , Aspen Lane, Barley Dr., Cara Lane, Christopher Dr, Cobblestone Dr., Congo Rd, Crystal Lane, Detar Rd, Elm St., Hadley Dr., Hampton Circle, Hampton Drive, King Dr., Kulp Road, Linsenbiedler Rd., Maple St., Marjessa Dr., E. Middle Creek Road, Mulberry Lane, Municipal Dr., N. Werstler Ave., Nathan Ave., Nelmor Blvd., Noble Lane, Oak St., Sassamansville Rd., Smith Rd., Spruce St., Swamp Pike, Westbury Drive, Willow Lane, Windover Drive.

Zone 2 - Tuesday:

Arrow Dr., Bow Lane, Bruce Dr., Buchert Rd. (East of Gilbertsville Rd), Creekside Ct., Eagle Court, Fadler Drive, Falcon Ct., Gilbertsville Rd., Hawk Court, Hidden Valley Dr., Hillside Circle, Jordan Drive, Lark Lane, Moore Drive, Moyer Road, Onyx Lane, Patricia Dr., Paul Dr., Pine Lane, S. Werstler Ave., Specht Rd., Star Dr., Stephanie Ct., Sunny Ridge Rd., Swan Court, Thrush Drive, Walter Drive, Wren Rd. and Virmay Drive (E of Gilbertsville Rd.)

Zone 3 - Wednesday:

Congo-Niantic Rd., Crestview Dr., Fairfield Dr., Fairview Circle, Greenhill Rd., Harvest Drive, Heidi Court, Henry Rd., Hill Rd. Himmelwright Rd., Hoffman Rd., Hoffmansville Rd., Keller Rd., Little Road, Lone Pine Rd., Miller Rd., Niantic Rd., Papermill Rd., Pheasant Circle, Robin Dr., Scenic View Dr., Stone Rd., Weller Rd., West Branch Rd., Wild Run Rd., Windward Drive, Woodland Road.

Zone 4 - Thursday:

Amadeo Dr., Ashley Circle, Ava Circle, Brian Drive, Buchert Road (W. of Gilbertsville Road) Clubhouse Circle, Cross Road, Diehl Drive, Fairway Circle, Gilbert Drive, Golf Road, Grosser Road, Hawthorne Ave., Hemlock Drive, Jackson Road, Jamie Circle, Linda Dr., Links Road, Martin Ave., Meadow Dr., Mega Lane, Mensch Lane, Merkel Road, Michelle Circle, Linda Circle, Lois Lane, Penny Lane, Philadelphia Ave., Rhoads Ave. (E. of Rt. 100), Rick Road (E. of Rt 100), Roberts Road, Second Ave., Silcox Ave., Summerhill Drive, Third Ave., Thomas Dr., Virmay Dr. (W of Gilbertsville Rd.), Yoder Ave.

Zone 5 - Friday:

Acorn Dr., Adams Ct., Bartman Ave., Broad St., Buchanan Court, Cleaver Rd., Clover Lane, County Line Rd., Douglass St., Eisenhower Ct. Emerald Circle, Estate Road, Fifth St., Fourth St. Foxtail Court, Grant Court, Hallowell Road, Highland Ave., Hillside Dr., Holly Dr., Hoover Ct., Lincoln Court, Middle Creek Rd. (W. of Congo Rd.), Mill St., Montgomery Ave., Oak Hill View Dr., Oberholtzer Road, Pinehurst Way, Renninger Rd., Roosevelt Dr., Ruby Circle, Schlegel Rd., Second St., Sheiry Ct., Swamp Creek Rd., Sweinhart Rd., Taylor Ct., Truman Ct., Wilson Ave.