Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply for a Gun Permit?
You apply for a gun permit at the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office located at the Courthouse in Norristown. Their hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-3:30.   Effective 01-25-2016 you no longer need to have the local police check done before you go there.  All paper work is located online at or on our website under the forms tab. 

Where do I go to make sure my Child Passenger Safety Seat is installed properly?
You may call Officer Andrew Mathias at 610-367-0466, ext 105 to set up an appointment to educate you and give personalized instruction on installing and reinstalling child passenger car seats and booster seats.  Officer Mathias is the trained Child Passenger Safety Technician for the department.

Where do I pay a Parking Ticket?

There is a yellow parking ticket box on the wall at the entrance to the Administration Building or you can mail it in the envelope provided.

Where do I pay a Traffic Citation?
Citations must be paid at District Court 38-2-03, 1881 Swamp Pike, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 (610-326-1145)

Where do I report a dead deer on the highway?
Report the deer to the Montgomery County Dispatch Center at 610-327-1441 or Contact the PA Game Commission at 1-800-228-0791

What if I find a dead raccoon, groundhog, bird, etc. on my property and I suspect rabies?
Call the Montgomery County Health Dept. at 610-278-5117

What do I do if I find a stray dog?
If you do not know who the dog belongs to, call 610-327-1441 and report the stray to the Montgomery County Radio Room. They, in turn, will relay the information to the on-duty officer and Animal Control Officer. You could also call the Montgomery County SPCA to see if anyone reported a dog missing.

What happens to a dog that is picked up by the Police Department?
Douglass Twp. has an on-sight kennel that we hold the animals in until the owner retrieves it or it will be transported to the SPCA.  There is a charge to the owner of the dog for the transporting of the animal to our kennel or the SPCA.

My Neighbors dog barks constantly - what can I do?
Douglass Township does not have a noise ordinance, however if the dog is barking excessively at unreasonable hours, you may call the dispatch center at 610-327-1441 and report the nuisance.

My neighbors dog is always on my property?
Call the dispatch center at 610-327-1441 and make a complaint. The Animal Control Officer will generate a letter to the owner of the dog and a copy of the dog law is included, explaining the responsibilities of the dog owner.